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Puyallup Heat Pump System


The ability to function as both an air conditioner and heater makes heat pump system quite distinctive from other HVAC equipment. This unique property also makes it the most hard-working heating and cooling system available.

At Plumbing Giant, we offer expert tune-up services for heat pump system installed in Puyallup, WA properties. You should hire us for regular preventive maintenance work on your Puyallup heat pump system if you want to optimize its:

  • Heating and cooling effectiveness
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Longevity

We understand how critical timely and thorough upkeep is for keeping a Puyallup heat pump system in any home or commercial building maintained in peak condition. Our technicians never take any heat pump maintenance job lightly. They work meticulously to inspect every component of the Puyallup heat pump system and fix heat pump problems, if any, while still small.

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Puyallup Heat Pump Repair


Has you heat pump stopped working or is no longer functioning as efficiently as it used to? It is time to call us for Puyallup heat pump repair.

Small heat pump issues, if not treated immediately, can quickly become large. Do not put off bringing in our Puyallup heat pump repair experts to your property if you notice your heat pump not heating or cooling properly or showing some other signs of trouble like an odd noise when it runs. Our technicians are trained to:

  • Work on heat pumps of all major brands
  • Provide heat pump repair for systems of any size
  • Work efficiently and quickly

We handle all Puyallup heat pump repair jobs, residential or commercial, with equal diligence and professionalism.

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Puyallup Heat Pump Installation


We are proud to be the first choice for Puyallup heat pump installation services among the discerning property owners who appreciate and demand quality. Flawless Puyallup heat pump installation is the first step towards getting optimal performance from the equipment that you expect.

That is why you should trust us to install your heat pump system. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company who has been in business since 1990.

Let us take care of your Puyallup heat pump installation job. We:

  • Do not hire sub-contractors
  • Put our own certified, factory-trained technicians to work
  • Use only top quality equipment

Need Puyallup heat pump installation? Want heat pump repair or maintenance services? Call Plumbing Giant.

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