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Shoreline Air Conditioning


Extreme weather, both winters, and summers necessitate you to switch from heat to air conditioning to remain in comfortable indoor temperatures. In hot humid summers, Shoreline air conditioning systems provide thermal comfort by removing heat and moisture from the interior of houses and improving indoor air quality.

We at Plumbing Giant have been offering our expertise regarding air conditioning systems for Shoreline, WA residents for a long time now. Our certified technicians are factory trained to work on all types of Shoreline air conditioning systems including the:

  • Installation of new AC systems
  • Maintenance for all makes and models
  • Repair and replacement
  • AC duct installation

We assure our customers of a quality job, completed on time, and at most affordable prices in the area.

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Shoreline New Air Conditioner


New air conditioners may be bought depending upon the size of the indoor space and place of installation. You may choose window, portable air conditioners or portable split system for living room or bedroom, but for larger spaces like an entire house, offices or hospitals central air conditioners are ideal.

Before buying a Shoreline new air conditioner, you should have the assistance of a professional HVAC company to review your home or business. They can help you determine:

  • The right sized unit to install
  • Cost of new air conditioner
  • Installation costs

We, being one of the most reputable companies in the field of Shoreline air conditioning, are the company to call for the right suggestions about the installation of Shoreline new air conditioners for our clients of Shoreline.

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Shoreline New AC Installation


Our skillful technicians also undertake Shoreline new AC installation for restaurants, hotels, warehouses, shopping malls and older homes. We have knowledgeable cost estimators to offer you a genuine new AC installation cost in Shoreline.

You can rely upon us for Shoreline new AC installation for any sized premise, including old houses as we are experienced enough to understand exactly what is needed. The reviews received after our Shoreline new AC installation or any post-installation maintenance from our past clients speak volumes about our Cost-effectiveness of the unit:

Contact us for:

  • New air conditioning installation
  • Commercial air conditioner service
  • Residential air AC Installation
  • Residential AC maintenance
  • Commercial AC replacement

No new AC installation job is too small or too large for our experienced crew. We are a trusted name among companies dealing in the Shoreline new AC installation in the area.

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