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Lynnwood Furnace Repair


The last thing you want to have to do on a cold winter day is call a Lynnwood furnace repair technician. However, equipment failure can and do happen. That is when the Lynnwood furnace repair experts at Plumbing Giant come to your rescue. No matter the reason you find yourself without heat we are the best place to call for furnace repair service in Lynnwood, WA, and its nearby areas.

We are a licensed, bonded and insured heating company that specializes in working on gas and electric furnaces. The certified, factory-trained technicians employed by us can handle all types of Lynnwood furnace repair jobs. We offer furnace troubleshooting and repair issues when you experience:

  • Ignition failure
  • Dirty burners
  • A defective thermostat
  • Clogged air filter
  • Broken blower

We are the company to call in Lynnwood when you need quick and efficient furnace repair for your home or business.

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Lynnwood Furnace Service


We are also available for seasonal Lynnwood furnace service that is essential to maintaining the equipment in excellent working condition. If you want your furnace to provide continuous heat and comfort all through the chilly season, you need to have a Lynnwood furnace service and tune-up done before the season's change.

Scheduling Lynnwood furnace service maintenance regularly allows you the peace of mind knowing that you have the right professional conducting your furnace service and your family will be comfortable. In the Lynnwood area, we are the best choice for electric or natural gas furnace maintenance.

Our comprehensive Lynnwood furnace service maintenance follows a prescribed checklist that includes:

  • Checking electrical components
  • Inspecting and cleaning gas burners
  • Verifying proper blower operation
  • Calibrating gas valves

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Lynnwood Furnace Installation


We lay the foundation for optimal performance, hassle-free running and the long life of your furnace with impeccable installation. Finesse in furnace installation is an important factor in determining how long a furnace will last.

Call us for your new furnace installation in your Lynnwood property. Your investment in your new heating system is done quickly and professionally by our technicians by Follow the manufacturer’s furnace installation instructions, leave the jobsite clean and undamaged.

  • New furnace installation
  • New oil furnace installation
  • Furnace gas valve replacement
  • Heating unit installation
  • Oil furnace replacement

The combination of our flawless Lynnwood furnace installation and thorough furnace services provide you with a heating system that will give you excellent service for a very long time.

Hire Plumbing Giant for your Lynnwood furnace installation, repair, and maintenance needs in Lynnwood..

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