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Seattle Slab Leak


Plumbing Giant is at your service if you are experiencing slab leak problems in Seattle, WA. A Seattle slab leak occurs when there is a leakage in the plumbing system under the concrete slab foundation over which many modern houses are built. There are several reasons for a Seattle slab leak to happen, from shifts in the soil to corrosion. If unattended, a minor Seattle slab leak can escalate into serious, costly damages to your property.

It is the responsibility of every property owner to oversee the condition of their plumbing to identify a Seattle slab leak in a timely manner.

We are experts in comprehensive Seattle slab leak services in residential and commercial properties for:

  • Leak detection
  • Leak repair
  • Slab plumbing rerouting
  • Leak sealing

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Seattle Slab Water Leaks


Seattle slab water leaks can be hard to reach when they are within walls, floors or under a layer of concrete. We are equipped and experienced in reaching Seattle slab water leaks in difficult areas with minimal impact to your property. We repair slab water leaks rapidly and efficiently, leaving the area in neat conditions once the work is over. Our skilled plumbers will promptly locate the source of any slab water leaks and provide the most cost effective solution.

Whatever the severity and cause of your Seattle slab water leaks, we will expeditiously detect and repair them, while helping prevent consequent developments of mold.

We target Seattle slab water leaks from their root including:

  • Broken pipe
  • Cracked pipe
  • Basement leaks in heavy rain
  • Foundation cracks

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Seattle Foundation Leaks


The issue with Seattle foundation leaks is that they can be hard to identify. Preventive inspections and maintenance can stop minor irregularities in your pipes from turning into Seattle foundation leaks. If you notice spikes in your water bills, unexplained pools of water, indoor dampness or fluctuations in water pressure, you might be experiencing foundation leaks.

Some symptoms of Seattle foundation leaks are more inconvenient, such as wet spots on your carpets, buckling foundation or development of mildew. Seattle foundation leaks can lead to cosmetic or structural damages to your property, as well as health and safety hazards.

Get in touch immediately if you notice any signs of foundation leaks including:

  • Leaking basement wall
  • Water seepage through slab
  • Water leak in concrete slab floor
  • Water pipe leak in concrete slab

Schedule a Seattle foundation leaks detection from Plumbing Giant.

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