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Everett Wet Utility Contractors


Plumbing Giant is one of the most reliable wet utility contractors in the Everett, WA area. Hiring Everett wet utility contractors like us is essential to fix underground water leaks on properties. As one of the most effective Everett wet utility contractors in the area, we have years of experience in the installation and repair of underground water systems. Expertise in the field is essential for wet utility contractors since the technical knowledge and skills required to fix the problem are complex.

From trenchless excavation to fixing drainage systems, we are the Everett wet utility contractors providing an integrated set of solutions to our customers. Get in touch with us for:

  • Sewage system installation
  • Trenchless excavation
  • Drainage pipe repair
  • Trenchless water line repair

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Everett Utility Contractor


We are one of the best utility contractors in the area. With expertise acquired over the years, our experienced Everett utility contractor offers a complete set of utility solutions. A leaky faucet or a water line crack can lead to wasting tons of gallons of water. To reduce your water usage and help you save money on your water bills, hire our quality Everett utility contractor in the area.

Our expert Everett utility contractor can help you deal efficiently with water leaks problems on your properties. Reach out to us when you are looking for:

  • Water leak detection services near me
  • Water leak repair services
  • Slab leak detection near me
  • Water line repair

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Everett Water Utility Company


If you are looking for a trustworthy Everett water utility company in the area, then you are in the right place. From installation to repair, we are a Everett water utility company providing a complete set of services. Performing underground water pipeline work requires you to use the services of a quality Everett water utility company like us in the area.

With a trained team of professionals, we are a Everett water utility company in the area that helps you to deal with a number of emergency issues like an underground water leak or water pipe burst on commercial or residential properties. Use our services for:

  • Underground pipe burst
  • Sewer line repair
  • Land restoration
  • Water line excavation

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