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Burien Water Line Repairs


Water lines are designed to work perfectly for many years. But if you are experiencing an unexplainable hike in your water bills, water discoloration, or soggy patches in your yard, you may need water line repair in your University Place, WA home or business. Water lines can develop problems for a number of reasons, including tree root intrusion, mineral build-up and residue and more.

  • Residential water line repair
  • Commercial water line repair
  • Frozen water line repair
  • Broken main water line

Call Plumbing Giant for timely Burien water line repair in the area. No matter what is causing your water lines to act up, our technicians will ensure prompt, reliable water line repair in your home or commercial property.

We can handle all your Burien water line repair needs in University Place.

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Burien Water Line Replacement


If your water line is beyond repair, we will perform professional Burien water line replacement. We have the required skills, equipment, and expertise to ensure your water line replacement is done to the highest workmanship standards. Signs that indicate the need for water line replacement include:

  • No flowing water
  • Water pressure problems
  • Whistling in the lines
  • Water pooling on your property

Remember, a damaged or broken water line should never be neglected, so do not delay the Burien water line replacement needs of your property. Let us restore the efficiency of your water lines with our Burien water line replacement services.

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Burien water Line Installation


This should not come as a surprise, but Burien water line installation is no job for an untrained person to attempt. If water line installation is not completed properly, there is a serious risk of property damage.

Fortunately, with us, your new Burien water line installation project will be a success. We use high quality materials and keep the entire process as minimally invasive as possible.

Whether you are building a new home, or simply need new water line installation because your existing line has developed a fault, we are here to help. Many people choose us for Burien water line installation because we offer the latest equipment and techniques, on-time, within-budget completion.

Come to us for:

  • Copper pipe installation
  • Emergency water line installation
  • Refrigerator water line connector
  • Clay Sewer Pipe Repair

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