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Olympia Leak Detection


Water leaks will produce unforeseen damages to any premises. It is essential to locate the leak fast and get it fixed immediately. If you suspect a water leakage in your property and need professional water leak detection services in Olympia, WA, you are at the right place.

Giant Plumbing specializes in tracing even the minutest water leaks to their source. Sometimes water leaks erode the ground of your property. When this happens, we provide hydro excavation services for an Olympia water leak detection.

We have advanced Olympia leak detection equipment and sensors we use when you call us for leak repair. Contact us for an Olympia water leak detection in your property when there is a leak in the underground water lines due to:

  • Carelessly laid pipelines
  • Corrosion or abrasion
  • Negligence in pipeline maintenance
  • Residential water leak detection

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Olympia Water Leak Detection


It is not only an old building that will experience an Olympia water leak. You can face different types of leakages including slab leaks, sewer line leaks, drain pipe leaks and interior water leaks in your newly constructed property also.

The following problems arise when a slab or drain pipe is found leaking:

  • Slabs or sewage sustain damaging moisture
  • Exorbitant water bills due to wasted water
  • Foul smell making the place uncomfortable
  • Bacterial growth around drains providing a health hazard

It is only with timely Olympia leak detection that water leakage problems are alleviated. Lose no time in calling us for an Olympia water leak detection in your property.

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Olympia Water Leak


Our leakage detection technicians assist in preventing severe water damage to your property. Understanding your need for a quick and effective end to the leakage issue, we use advanced Olympia leak detection equipment in properties.

We can even install, replace and repair your pipelines as needed. We understand saving water, as it is a precious resource. This is why we always recommend detecting and sealing an Olympia water leak quickly, with lasting solutions.

You can call us for some of the most efficient, hassle-free, professional and affordable Olympia leak detection services in the area. Call Giant Plumbing to discuss your leakage issues with our experts.

We work with Olympia water leak sensors, along with leakage detection pumps and cables. We are a leading name due to High quality implementation, 24/7 availability:

  • Water leak repair
  • Main water line leak detection
  • Leak detection company
  • Toilet water leak

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