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Kent Leak Detection


Most plumbing leaks start small but gradually get worse when they are not repaired quickly. The reason for a delay in repair is usually because no one knows there is a water leak. That normally happens because the leaking pipes tend to be hidden from view.

Whatever the cause of the leakage, accurate water leak detection in any Kent, WA property is essential for its repair. Kent leak detection is not as easy as it sounds.

You need to call in experts from a specialized company like Plumbing Giant to your Kent home or business place for the Kent leak detection job.

The leakage itself can occur due to a number of reasons, such as:

  • Corrosion of hot water pipes
  • Excessive pressure on the water pipe
  • Pipe deterioration because of aging
  • Damage to pipe from rubbing against a hard surface

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Kent Water Leak Detection


Our company specializes in Kent leak detection and tracing them to the exact source. With plumbing pipes lying mostly inside walls, under the flooring or deep within the ground, finding the precise point of leakage can be challenging.

However, this is just the challenge that we love to take up! We have invested in a highly skilled workforce and the most advanced Kent water leak detection equipment.

Kent residents who call us for help in finding the source of a Kent water leak on their property can rest assured that the work will be done In a very well-organized, hassle-free manner.

  • Gas line leak detection
  • Toilet leak detection
  • Electronic leak detection
  • Ultrasonic air leak detector

Our technicians strive to use non-destructive, non-invasive techniques for a Kent water leak detection. Moreover, they work fast and unobtrusively to minimize disturbance in family or work life for the customer.

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Kent Water Leak


Plumbing leaks in your residential or commercial property are a serious matter. Ignoring them can have serious and damaging consequences for you.

These include Damage to the property and the things within, wastage of a precious natural resource – water, Financial burden due to high water bills and property repairs.

Minimize your woes by calling us for our Kent water leak detection services before it is too late. Give us a call when you observe tell-tale signs like damp patches on wall or ceiling, unexplained water puddles in the yard, sound of running water even with faucets shut off and a sudden increase in utility bills.

Suspect a Kent water leak in your home or commercial property? Call the experts at Plumbing Giant for a Kent water leak in your property today.

  • Copper pipe leak repair
  • Clogged drain pipes
  • Water pipe repair
  • Leaking pipe repair

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