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Kenmore Furnace Repair


You depend on your furnace to provide a cozy home and a comfortable business place. Any issue with your furnace is a problem. Thankfully, Plumbing Giant is here to provide any necessary Kenmore furnace repair service so your unit is working correctly. We offer comprehensive gas and electric furnace repair services in Kenmore, WA. You can count on us to fix whatever the problem is with your furnace.

It is always better to have furnace troubleshooting and repair done at the earliest signs of trouble. Schedule a visit from our Kenmore furnace repair team to your home or business right away if your furnace is:

  • Make strange sounds while running
  • Turning off and on
  • Not producing enough heat
  • Failing to start

We assure you of honest, accurate and cost-effective Kenmore furnace repair work. We even offer a free quotation on furnace repair cost to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

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Kenmore Furnace Service


However, you must take care that any Kenmore furnace service is done meticulously and correctly. Give your system the best possible upkeep and maintenance by hiring us for Kenmore furnace service and tune-up. We put only seasoned technicians on electric or natural gas furnace maintenance jobs.

Our experts perform a detailed Kenmore furnace service evaluation to confirm the proper functioning of all components of the heating system. Whether hiring us for one-time furnace maintenance service or for regular annual Kenmore furnace service, we do a thorough job.

Our HVAC expertise also includes handling Kenmore furnace service and furnace installation jobs. A professional furnace installation followed by regular furnace service is the key to Minimizing requirements for furnace repair, Optimizing longevity of the equipment .

  • Furnace cleaning service
  • Gas heater service
  • furnace repair service
  • Emergency furnace repair

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Kenmore Furnace Installation


Furnaces are an important and costly investment in any property, residential or commercial. You have proven pros handle your Kenmore furnace installation in your home or business place.

If the work is not done following the Kenmore furnace installation instructions from the manufacturer you will experience problems in the future.

All our Kenmore furnace installation and furnace replacement jobs are handled By certified, factory-trained technicians :

  • New furnace installation
  • Gas furnace installation
  • Furnace installation cost
  • New oil furnace installation

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